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Whether Hope Edelman’s Ted-Style Talk or our passionate panel spanning loss through the ages, you will be inspired by the conversation.

Our inaugural conversation series held at the HBO Theater in NYC and focused on mother loss and how daughters are defined, shaped, and inspired by a mother’s death. Abraham Lincoln said, “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” As each of us mourns the loss of our mothers, we realize it is she who taught us about survival, the sanctity of life and living it, and the power of a mother’s love. Our speakers and presenters have a fresh approach in their field and a unique, personal story to tell.

Guests were moved by acclaimed authors Hope Edelman and Claire Bidwell Smith, a panel discussion moderated by Carole Geithner, an intimate interview of Rebecca Soffer, co-founder of Modern Loss, by author and journalist Allison Gilbert, and more. 

Thank you for joining the conversation, On behalf of all of us at The Conversation: Stories that Matter, co-producers Cara Belvin, Claire Bidwell Smith, Hope Edelman, Katie Green, Carlye Rubin & Cynthia Whipple. 

“The opinions expressed by the participants are their own, not HBO’s.”

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The Dinner Conversation is a unique and empowering episodic event featuring extraordinary women for a candid, honest and spontaneous dinner chat.  The first of this dinner series focuses on the uncomfortable topic of mother loss and how our guests powered through their grief.  

Many of us are left to grieve alone out of fear we will make others uncomfortable and have a difficult time talking about loss.  Rarely is it the appropriate dinner conversation. Because The Dinner Conversation guests share a unique bond – mother loss - we discuss things we would not normally mention in an interview or presentation – there is no fear here. 

This episodic event invites the viewer in on the conversation.  This multi-camera event is filmed in Manhattan is available for download at

The event is both intimate and personal yet still retains a casual feel with the setting around a dinner table. 

Dinner Guests span ages 19-53 and include Hope Edelman, Claire Bidwell Smith, Cara Belvin, Eva Bloche, Gail Eisenberg, Cynthia Whipple, and Gabby Shea.

Filmed by Carlye Rubin & Katie Green

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Hope Edelman

Join the conversation with Author & Coach Hope Edelman, Author of the acclaimed Motherless Daughters, as she shares about the long tail of grief in the Ted-Style Talk at The Conversation: Stories that Matter at the HBO Theater in NYC. 


Claire Bidwell Smith: Grief & Anxiety

Join the conversation with Author & Therapist Claire Bidwell Smith as she discusses grief and anxiety after loss. 


Author Allison Gilbert Interviews ModernLoss Cofounder Rebecca Soffer

Join the conversation with Rebecca Soffer, ModernLoss CoFounder, & Allison Gilbert, Author of Passed and Present: Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive.


Passion Panel Moderated by Author & Therapist Carole Geithner

Join the conversation with Author & Therapist Carole Geithner as she discusses loss through the ages. Panelists include empowerHER Founder Cara Belvin, Eva Bloche, Cynthia Whipple, and Writer Gail Eisenberg


Author Allison Gilbert Interviews Jen Bilik, Knock Knock Founder

Join the conversation with Jen Bilik, Knock Knock Founder, & Allison Gilbert, Author of Passed and Present: Keeping Memories of Loved Ones Alive.